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3D Laser Welding Machine

Spot Welding process is an ineluctable part of various industries such as Jewelry Manufacturing, Watch Industry, Molding Industry and Dental Industry. Laser welding machines are used widely in these industries due its advantage of precise, accurate, minimal invasive effect as well as faster operating time. Laser welding system used in various industrial application requires an optic enlarging system or 10X or 20X zoom binoculars which facilitates perfect visualization of the work piece. Use of binoculars is a standard practice in almost all laser welding devices however, it suffers with some basic difficulties of user fatigue in longer working shifts, readjustments of the binoculars in the presence of multiple users, eye fatigue and restricted head movements.

The newly launched ACZET 3D Laser Welding Machine Forza180 3D incorporated with 3D vision (LM-D LYNX) enable users with the clear, bright, high contract & high-resolution real 3D vision of work piece with an innovative stereo microscope technology. It facilitates users with ease of using for longer working hours, minimal eye strain, easy swapping between different users and clear viewing. Having a power of 180J, dual cooling system & precise spot technology, FORZA 180 3D makes it the right choice for your spot-welding process.

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