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Making Gold Jewelry

Jewelry Machineries

Aczet is a leading manufacturer of jewelry machineries used in weighing, testing purity of precious metal and other machineries used in repairing and engraving applications.

Laser Welder for micro welding for silver & platinum jewelry industry

Our Laser welding machine signifies versatility, high speed performance & excellent machine-to-operator interface with its ergonomically designed body and display . Advance Laser Spot technology ensures uniform and continuous power through out the welding process with a minimum spot size of 0.2 mm and maximum of 2mm. Our Dual Cooling Effect technology allows user to perform welding with ease at critical environment conditions too. Ergonomically designed body and user interface display allows a hassle free operations

Gold Testing Machine

Stark is table top spectrometer tool based on German based Xray technology for measuring fast, non destructive yet accurately for precious metal and finished jewelry. The tool measure precisely and accurately element composition of jewelry alloy like Gold alloy, Platinum alloy and Silver alloy. Detection of fluorescence radiation by advance detector technology SI PIN / SDD offers large sensitive area, which in turn capture large amount of fluorescence which is vital for accurate and precise analysis of the metal.
Equipped with modern, user friendly software and exact evaluation algorithm made it's operation very simple and user friendly which in turn reduce requirement of technically qualified person to operate it. Based on field experience of more than 2 decade on Xray technology of our German principal made Aczet preferred manufacture being technology partner and exclusive producer for this equipment specialized to jewelry segment. These models are Fast, Accurate & Non-destructive.

XRF  Compact Gold Testing Machine

CFC series

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Requirements for Logos, Text Designs and Graphics Patterns are commonly used in Jewellery Industries for which Laser Cutting is a common tool which is indispensable in such Industries. The new generation Aczet CFC Series has solution with 50/70 W output power which enables to get the job done with quality and reduces working time. The machine is capable to cutting metal sheet upto 2.00 mm of thickness.

CFC Series is based on high performance Ytterbium Pulsed Fiber Laser with high frequency scanner head, offers productive performance, capable of getting most incensed work without compromising quality and precision with quality standards. With its automatic Z-axis and closed chamber design makes it perfect to use with safety of user.

Laser Engraving Machine


Compact design, Light weight, Excellent laser technology & easy to use application makes it one of the most reliable & best marking machine to choose. With its adaptable power of 20/30 Watts and 360 degree Moving Head  technology  and open version allows it to mark all kind of size and surface conveniently. 

With a minimum marking size of 0.02mm and maximum marking size of 100*100 mm makes it a perfect choice in Jewelry industry. 

Laser Engraving Machine 20W

GT- series

Karat Meter

Karat Analyzer

Aczet's Karat Tester evaluates the purity of Precious Metal including Gold and Platinum by measuring the specific gravity. It distinguishes the real gold and platinum from the fake material efficiently. Also it is useful to measure actual purity than that of marked without harming samples i.e. there are no scratches or stains left behind on the sample.

Unlike expensive metal analyzer it does not evaluate the purity of GOLD and PLATINIUM just from outer surface, it is most useful when you want distinguish complete gold  or platinum from gold or platinum plated material.

User friendly operation yet very fast measurement it will not take more than 15 second to finish one measurement. Higher weighing resolution including 0.001g  and 0.01g gives you flexibility of measuring high accuracy in specific gravity and also possibility of measuring purity with lower sample weight.

CY / CG- series

Jewelry Scales & Balances

This is Jewelry scales and balances is a weighing device to precisely weigh diamond, gold, silver and other precious metals. Our jewelry scales and balances are equipped with advanced EMF technology and robust design to ensure precise and reliable weighing through out its service life. It's super easy user interface allows smooth and convenient operation. With our inbuilt calibration technology allows it to update the calibration data automatically at regular intervals.

Diamond Weighing Scale
Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewelry Cleaning

CUB- series

Ultrasonic Cleaner 

Ultrasonic cleaning depends upon cavitation, the rapid formation and violent collapse of minute bubbles or cavities in a cleaning liquid. It is widely used in Jewelry industry where it is used to clean the products during various stage of production and final product optimization. Equipped with advance transducer technology and heating capability make it the best process of cleaning jewelries. It comes with different type of capacities ranging from 1.3 liters to few 100 liters and more. 

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