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 Analytical Weighing balance for laboratory , pharmaceutical & food industry

Laboratory  Weighing Balances

Aczet is a leading manufacturer of Laboratory Weighing Balance & Instruments used in Pharmaceuticals, Food Industry, Chemical Labs, General Laboratories.

Micro Weighing Balance

Micro Balance

Micro balance is high precision analytical balance . With an accuracy of 0.1μg and weighing range up to 21g  makes it the most popular choice for smallest sample quantities. It provides excellent repeatability and precision with unique and unequalled mono tech weighing sensor. 

Analytical weighing balance

Analytical Balance

Analytical balances are high precision instruments with a readability of 0.1mg and lower with capacity range upto 320g. The weighing chamber comes with an inbuilt draft shield to ensure stable weighing environment. It is used with wide variety of applications like Standard weighing, Formulation, Density Determination, Percent Weighing and many more.  

Moisture Analyzer Balance for food, pharmaceutical & lab Industry

Moisture Analyzer

Moisture analyzer balance is a blend of halogen heating technology with weighing sensor technology to determine the moisture content of sample under test. It is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food industry and many more. It provides reliable and quick results with utmost precision while saving the time used in conventional oven method.

Top Loading Precision Weighing Balance
Precision Weighing Balance

Precision Balance

Precision balance is top loading weighing scale with robust design and accurate measurement. It comes with an accuracy of 0.001g to 0.01g having capacity range from 220g to 6.2 kg. Readability of 0.001g precision balance comes with a small draft shield whereas readability of 0.01g precision balance comes with an open large weighing pan. It can perform variety of functions like Piece Counting, Dynamic Weighing, Check Weighing, Statistical weighing. 

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