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Industrial Drill

Industrial Machineries

Aczet is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Machineries based on X-RF, Laser, Ultrasonic & Loadcell Technology with its wide application in testing , measurement, cutting and cleaning.

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XRF Coating / Plating
Thickness Measurement Machine

This X-ray fluorescence is widely used in the measurement of plating or coating thickness of fasteners, semiconductors , electronic components, IC chips, connectors. It is a non-destructive and contact less testing which can measure multiple layer of coating or plating with precision .  

CUB- series

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaning is one of the most effective and advance process in cleaning wide varieties of products. It can be used in almost all kind of industries :

a) Medical Centers / Dental Practices/ Hospitals

b) Automobile Industry

c) Workshops etc.

Handheld xrf.jpeg


Hand Held XRF

X-ray fluorescence measurement technology is widely used in material testing procedures. Handheld X-rf can be used for various elemental composition analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis. it can be used in many applications as below:

a) Alloy analysis/ PMI testing

b) Precious Metal Analysis

c) Mining Industry 

d) ROHS testing

CLMW- series

Laser metal Cutting Machine

This is Laser Metal Cutting machine based on Co2 laser source can be used in metal cutting applications in various industries. With the software compatibility of software like CAD & Photoshop it makes it quite easier to be used for cutting applications. 

Laser cutting.jpg
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