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Chemical works

Aczet is a leading manufacturer of Laboratory Weighing Balance & Instruments used in Pharmaceuticals, Food Industry, Chemical Labs, General Laboratories.

Weighing Balances / Laboratory Instruments / Industrial Scales

Laboratory weighing balance products

Laboratory Weighing Balances

Laboratory Weighing Balances, Analytical , Precision & Micro Balances. Moisture Analyzers / Balances, Density Determination Balances , Top Loading Balances , Semi-Micro Balances.

Lab instuemnt.png

Laboratory Instruments

This Ultrasonic Cleaner , PH Meter , Refractometer , Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer

Industrial Scale.png

Industrial Weighing Scales

Industrial Precision Scales , Table Top Scales , Platform Scales , Loadcell Balances , Heavy Platform Scales , Counting Scales.

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