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Precious Metal Analyzer

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gold testing machine with xrf technology & bigger chamber size for big size samples
Gold Testing Machine with xrf technology
Gold Testing Machine with top to bottom geometry and xrf technology


Applications of XRF in the Jewelry Industry :

Precious metal analysis: XRF precious metal analyzers are widely used in the jewelry industry for the analysis of gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. XRF analysis provides a fast, non-destructive, and accurate method for determining the elemental composition of jewelry samples.

Jewelry authentication: XRF precious metal analyzer  is also used to authenticate jewelry by analyzing the alloy composition and presenting Karat Values. For an example if its a 99.99% gold its a 24K and if its 91.6% gold its a 22K jewelry. 


Quality control: XRF precious metal analyzer is used in the jewelry industry for quality control purposes. While manufacturing jewelries its need a abundant machines to ensure that the quality of jewelries and their Karat values are well within specification.

Product development: XRF precious metal analyzers are used in the development of new jewelry products. By analyzing the elemental composition of different alloys it is possible to develop new jewelry products that meet the needs of customers and specification required. 

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